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The most underpriced way to build your bulletproof market position

We guide you to master the content game online that will open the most underpriced way to get valuable attention from your market without searching for the next ‘shiny hack’.

What is the most underpriced model to get highly valuable attention and to build a loyal and engaging community around your brand is without doubt content marketing. Since the beginning the internet is all about content. But the way of how to use content to scale a business has changed in the last decade. But most business do not understand what it really means to do proper content marketing. We are living in a world where content is more king than ever. There are a bunch of platforms out there that allow everyone to share content in different formats to spread a message. But it’s not about marketing like you might know. The real key of a good content strategy is not to generate new customers. It’s to build a community around a brand that will become customers in a later stage of the strategy. Our content marketing rangers will guide you into the wild savanna of content marketing and show you the exact way on how you win the game of community building that will let you beat your competition in the next decade of the word wide web… 

What to expect from our Content Rangers?

your follow along roadmap

We will guide you to become you corporate content creator

We will show you the rules of content creation. How to find trending content topics in your niche, how to create engaging content pieces for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube and how you will position yourself infront of you targeted audience by understanding the social media algorithms. Our mission is to let you understand the underpriced potential of content in todays online world and to make you a leading content creator in your industry to scale your business on long-term. 

The big five content model

A proven content model to get valuable attention

How to be present on all the major content platforms at once without spending your whole time creating endless posts and grow your reach. We’ve developed a amazing content model that allows you to “recycle” content that you only need to produce once and use it for days if not weeks to scale your community in a smart and proven way. 

Building your community

Let us do the Work with the Analysis

Building a valuable community around your brand needs to listen to your audience and deliver what they want to see. Our rangers will do this for your by analysing your community activities. Next we will show you the most trending topics inside your community so that you can follow up on them and build a loyal community that will help you grow your business on long-term. 

Become a Content Creator

How we do it?

Don’t see our content marketing service as a completely done for you service. See it as a guiding service to something that will help you to win your market in the upcoming decade of the online world. 


First of all we will help you to setup your content marketing. Therefore our rangers will setup and optimize your content marketing channels to fit to your brand. We make sure that the attention you generate will directed to your conversion points on your website or online shop. Also we will consult you to get everything prepared for your content production. 

The Strategy & Content Model

Based our our proven content marketing strategy we will adjust it to your business and create your personal content marketing roadmap that will guide you to master the content marketing game especially for your niche. 

Optimization & Growing

Our rangers will do the analysis work for you and let you know on how to continue your content marketing to maximize your community growth. 

Which Role does Content play?

In our savanna Content is the cheetah that hunts for your target audience on the major content channels. Content Marketing is a highly effective way to scale a business online on long term. Why? Because you will get high value attention from your market for free. In combination with our high converting websites or online shops you will win your market. Let’s speak with a ranger about your Content Marketing Safari. 

Cheetah + Buffalo Web

Convert more leads from your content marketing on your conversion optimized website. 

Cheetah, Buffalo & Lion

Using a effective Content Marketing Strategy, optimize your advertising returns and scale your website conversions. 

Cheetah + Buffalo Shop

Use content marketing to promote your products without selling them and let your conversion optimized shop to the rest.

All Five

A strong brand, represented on a website that traffic from Google and Social Media like crazy. 

Wondering how we would help you to build your content machine?

Let's talk with:

Yannic Vollmer
CEO & Head of Technology