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The World Wide Web is Savanna that we know best

We enable local business to use online technology that exist to grow their leads and sales by providing first class service with more transparency. 

The most important skillset for measurable growth in the wild savanna of the web

Business Websites

Websites that are designed to generate results for your business. 

Online Shops

Scalable Ecommerce Solutions that grow your sales. 

Content Marketing

Get underpriced attention from the once who interested in you. 

Paid Advertising

Open the floodgates of high quality traffic for your business. 

Social Media

Combine Social Media Marketing and Creator Marketing to win your market.


Better conversions by spending the same or even less. 

NFT & Blockchain

Use the power of NFTs to scale your business to the moon. 


Share value and win the trust of your target group with your brand.

Why Choose the BIG FIVE?

What makes us different to other digital marketing agencies?

We work with a proven strategy

We are not only providing modern technology based digital solutions. Rather we combine them within our proven strategy that will generate measurable results for your business. 

We do more

We believe in the power of technology and automation and provide our customers business scaling tools and not just good looking websites and campaign images. 

We are fully transparent

We work based on transparency by defining clear coals and pricing so that you. know exactly what you get for the price you are paying. 


How we work?

Our goal is to build strong long-term partnerships with our customers. We know that growing a business online is not about short term actions. It’S about long term collaborations and a clear defined goal to work on. 

Analytics & Strategy

If we help customers to grow their businesses we act like it was our own business to really understand what the value is and how to use it to get the best possible results.

Build the Fundamentals

What we call the “Online Hub” ist the most important fundamental for long term online success. No matter if a website, landing page or e whole online shop we create it with a primary focus to generate higher conversions. 

Grow on long-term

Online Marketing is all about the long term goal and to find the best way to reach it on the most effective way. That’s why we move on with our clients to really grow better, faster and smarter. 

Wondering how we would grow your business online?