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The most ruthlessly effective strategy to grow a business online

Dear Business Builder,

Lemme guess, you’ve tried already some kind of methods or strategies to scale your business online. Or maybe you are completely new to the wild savanna of online marketing? Now you ask yourself what could be the best and most effective way to reach out to your target market online? Well to be honest there is not that one single thing to do to generate more revenue for your business using the internet. Rather there are a bunch of amazingly powerful tactics and ways to do it. 

Should you start a blog? Build your brand on Instagram or TikTok? Start a podcast or video blog? Or just build a great looking website and run some Ads to get attention and generate more traffic? Yes – they all work and could result in more revenue. But you need to understand your market and target audience and need to know where to find them and more important how to get their attention. Which is by far the most complex of all. The question on how to do this the best way was the question from which the BIG FIVE Agency way founded. And we defined a online marketing strategy framework that allows us to implement it in any kind of business that sells products or services in any market. We call it the BIG FIVE and here they are… 


Digital Branding

We build strong and authentic digital brands, which stand out from the competition by providing the highest possible value for the target market. 

Online Visibility

We use a proven strategy that combines a strong SEO and highly effective Google Ads method to generate floods of quality traffic.

Online Attetnon

We convert Attention, which is the most valuable currency of our time into measurable results with a battle tested social media ads strategy. 

The Online Hub

We build hand-crafted, high-performance websites, landing pages and online shops, which are designed with a primary focus on turning browsers into buyers. 


We develop evergreen digital sales funnels that captures leads, nurtures them and skyrocket the conversion-rate.

Why the BIG FIVE Strategy is working?
Finally! An online marketing strategy that is build to get measurable results. By converting high quality traffic into more local profit for you.

Traffic Growth

Reach: 8,580

Conversion Rate: 22,3 % 

New Visitor

10 min ago – 3km away

New Follower

17 min ago – on Instagram

Online Hub

Revenue: $2,350

3% increase compared to last week

New Online Order

12 min ago | Value: $85

New Review

42 min ago -from James Dillon

The most fair pricing model

Especially in the beginning of your online business journey it’s not easy to invest huge amounts in a online marketing strategy from which you don’t know what to expect. That’s why an important part of our strategy is the pricing. Because our service model is highly flexible and focused on your needs we can calculate on a whole different and more flexible way that will perfectly fit to your current business situation. And here are our models from which you as a customer can choose from. 

The usual model

Like you might now it from any other agency out there. We will calculate the best solution for your needs and you pay us as soon as our work is done the full amount that we’ve offered you in the beginning of our partnership followed by a small monthly fee that covers our ongoing work on your online success. 

The split model

This is something more flexible that will fit better to your budget. In we will split the up front project payment into 3 rates followed by a small monthly fee that covers all our ongoing work like maintenance, support and online marketing actions. 

The flexible model

We will calculate your full project budget including the monthly fee to a fixed monthly rate. You can choose between a 12, 24 or 36 payment plan and pay the monthly rate as you go with us in the direction of your online success. 

Ready to send your business on an online safari?

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Yannic Vollmer
CEO & Head Growth