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big five

How would you like to double, tripple or even quadruple  your sales using a battle-tested strategy? This is what we call “The Big Five for local business success” and we are happy to introduce them right here. Dive into a world of never seen market domination and the most exciting safari adventure ever.

your local savanna

Let’s break the seemingly complex down to something more simple. You’re running a local business that has a local target audience that might be interested in what you’re offering. Now the traditional way is that you’re running local campaigns to get more attention on your offers. Like advertising in the local newspaper, radio or if your business is about to sell products you’re doing window advertising for sure. 

These measures grab the attention from your target audience and if everything works like it should you’re making the sale. There is nothing wrong by continuing on that. But there are some problems that need to be solved:

Problem #1

You have no idea about where your clients came from

Let’s say you just sole some of what you offered, which is great. Now lemme ask you do you know why this client bought especially from you? Was it just a spontaneously impulse or was it relating to one of your past local marketing activities? 

Problem #2

You have no option to sell again to your warm audience

A customer that buys once is great, a customer that comes over and over again to buy from you is freaking awesome. But now you’re asking how should I get in contact with this customer after he left your local business without leaving his personal details? You don’t have any pool of clients that you could acquire at any time. 

reason #3

It is just impossible to predict how your business will grow on long term

It’s like looking into the glass globe if you’re trying to calculate the growth potential of your business for the next month or even the next year. 

Wouldn’t it be great to exactly know how much customers you can expect buying rom you in the next week or month?

let's face this...

Imagine, in addition to your local measures you would have the same system running digital and you would put it on steroids (but some that are 100% legal). 

Your local business location (like your office or your local shop) would be transformed into a great looking and attention grabbing online hub that leads your prospects to make the sale, without you doing any sales talks. 

Your local marketing campaigns would be transformed into a better search visibility on Google and a strong social media attention. To make it all work even better you’re running super-sexy online ads that make sure that you  never need to ask where your next client will come from. 

And above all that you will have a never-stopping, always working sales machine in place that entertains your clients and make them buy over and over again. Because you exactly know your clients better than ever which allows you to build a long-term relationship to them.

Doesn’t this sound like a dream…

The strongest team in the savanna

We call it the BIG FIVE for your ultimate digital growth. Some would call it a battle-tested system that positions you with a reliable online hub (aka a website, landing page or online shop) on top of your marketplace. A system that hunts for “ready to buy” new clients on the most important places in the digital savanna. And a system that doubles your number of leads and sales without sending a single cent more on your marketing. Here it is:

“Be the King of your digital business savanna and let the BIG FIVE work for your growth.”

The Elephant

Get more attention by transforming your business into a strong and attention grabbing digital brand.

DIGITAL value branding

The Buffalo

get a high-performance online-hub that caputres leads, nurtures thema and generates sales on autopilot.

Websites, landing pages, E-commerce

The cheetah

Be the #1 on Google in your local market with the fastest results ever. The cheetah makes you more visible than ever online.



Have the most impressive appearance on socual media. Be the lion everyone wants to have a photo with.

Social Media Marketing

The rhino

sclae your business on consistency without spending a single cent more on your current marketing.

Conversion Rate optimization & Funnel

Listen, we could write an entire book about our “BIG FIVE System” and why you shouldn’t miss their immense power to scale your business. So we’ve decided to make you an offer: We want to show you exactly what potential we see for your business in the digital market and how the measures would look like in detail. Therefore we would invite you to our 30-minute so called “Savanna Roadmap Session” where we we reveal all the details about our proven system. Normally we charge $1,000 for this kind of consulting but we’re willing to give a limited amount away for Free every month. You’re not obliged to buy anything at the end of this session and we will leave you the strategy plan we handcrafted for your business without asking for any charge.

Ready for a Safari Adventure?