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Flipping Land Like Crazy

Vollmer Real Estate
We've created a land investment success that results in over $200k in the first 3 Month after the website launch.

Project Overview

Profit: $200k+

From over 30 sold properties in 3 Month

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The Online Hub

Monthly Website Traffic: 3,895

SEO & Conversion Rate Growth

Average Conversion Rate at 17.2%

About the Project

The in 2020 founded Real Estate Investment Start-up Vollmer Real Estate LLC. Is focused on flipping land nation wide in the US. Based on the difficulties of the pandemic lockdowns the customer was searching for a digital solution that helps to build the business even without the possibilities to be in personal contact with prospects and clients. Therefore the BIG FIVE Agency has build a hand-crafted online hub that was designed with the focus to scale a real estate business online.

The website should share the most relevant information for both kind of prospects. The one that want to sell a property and the other side that is interested in buying a new property. Also the whole buying and selling process needs to be managed online without making it even more complex.



“Since partnering with the BIG FIVE AGENCY we see a huge jump in new prospects for our properties. The new online hub allows us to speed up the process from listing a new property for sale until the finale sale. Sometimes it just takes a couple days to flip one of our properties. We really predicate it. “

Max Vollmer

CEO, Vollmer Real Estate LLC

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