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The Next Generation of Sports Betting

We've build a global sports betting platform that share the world's bet sports betting information with it's community

Project Overview

A website network

We created a connected website network containing 4 target focused sales platforms

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The Online Hub

Multi Website with integrated Web App and Payment Integration

Social Media Management

Expand the brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

About the Project

GSBN is a Joint Venture project of the BIG FIVE Holding where we at the Agency got the role of creating a whole new brand and a complex network of different websites that all work together to build a investment focus sports betting community. Within 3 month we’ve created four new brands in total as well as five different websites that promote the products and let prospects sign up easily to get access to the daily uploaded bet informations that are generated based on an algorithm. We’re proud to join this amazing project in the future and are excited about the results we will see by growing the community.

Endless hours of design and development work result now in a unique and industry leading platform for sports bettors and sports traders. We defined a whole new brand and communication strategy to position the brand above the competitors and to not be recognised as a new gambling business. To speak with a target group that has an investment mindset we was overthinking the sports betting business and created something really unique that has never seen before in the industry.



"I started with sports betting based on a proven system over 20 years ago and spend over $250k from my personal money on it. Together with the BIG FIVE we are now finally ready to share my unique sports betting and trading system with a huge audience. I really LOVE the work you've done, all the websites and how they look and flow... I am super excited!!!"

Rodney Vermilio

Founder, GSBN

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