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Ready to start Service Products for the leading local businesses of tomorrow. 

We are on a a mission to help local business to transform into the digital leaders of tomorrow. To make this easier we’ve created some unique full-service solution that all exist to generate more leads and sales on consistency. 

Gastronomy Safari

A ready to start online safari that brings the power of the BIG FIVE to your restaurant, bar or cafe and helps you to build loyal customers on long-term.

Personal Service Safari

Are you a local service business like a hairdresser or beauty salon a garage or an accountant? Then this is for you. 

Ecommerce Safari

Do you want to sell your products online to reach a even bigger market and to scale your revenue. Jump on the Ecommerce Safari and scale it to the moon. 

Real Estate Safari

If you want to close more real estate deals and attract more customers, you need to have a proper automated online system that is build for scale. 

Local Craft Safari

If you are a local craft company such as a garage, cleaning service, craftsman, plumper, bakery etc. then you need to more about this online booster. 

NFT Safari

Should you buy that JPG Image? No you should use it to scale your business. We will use NFTs to build a super-charged growth machine for your business online. 

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Sandra Kraus
CMO & Head of Communications