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effective way for better positioning on


We’ll dramatically improve your Google ranking inside your local business savanna by using our battle-tested way for local SEO. And we’ll move one step ahead and generate you a massive outreach by turning your Google Ads account into the fastest hunter ever.

Why you are here?

I bet you're relating to one of the following reasons...

reason #1

You've heard that SEO is dead and you want a proof on that

Also, you are telling yourself that SEO is too much. But instead, you remain forking over mountains of money to Google and Facebook… as they are “predictable”.

If so, you’re literally serving up your most valuable clients that are in hunt mode (yes, like a cheetah), specifically looking for your offer, to your competitors for convenient pickings.

How much traffic and business are you missing out on exactly? Well, the average click-through rate for paid search in 2020 (worldwide) was 2% (Convario, January 2011) with Google Maps only representing a small fraction of traffic. So, If you are relying solely off Google AdWords for your traffic, you are missing out on 85% of the traffic running through Google.

reason #2

Your Google ad costs are raising to the sky without results

It happened not only on Google! The average price for a click on Facebook has raised by over 170% in the last 12 month. Statistics say that it’s predicted to more than double again this year!

Why? Because digital advertising is left all the over advertising channels miles behind and these days everyone is trying to get an gain using the digital marketplace.

We can’t change it, the rate to advertise on the most important channels online only goes in one direction, which is UP!

The solely thing that matters os how a whole lot revenue and profit this rankings generate for your business.

That’s it!

reason #3

You're asking yourself what could get you better results

Google is changing over and over again and you might feel overwhelmed when thinking about how to position your local business for your most relevant search terms. 

Look, you’re not alone most local business do not have any idea how the crazy world of Google is actually working. 

To tell you the truth it’s not about finding a loophole inside google or knowing about the next big ‘ranking hack’. What really matters in driven better results on Google is a strategy that goes far ahead the borders of Google itself.

That’s the shiny secret and you’re at the right place to win the game, right now!

what you expect...

... to get from a google agency!

Caught you! You’ thought that now you would find some of these shiny offers that you might have seen before at some of the other SEO and Google ads agencies. 

But I have to disappoint you. You will not find anything about how crazy the latest Google updates have infected your ranking. Also you will not find one of these fear-mongering “strategies” that will show you the most powerful “hack” on how to rank #1 on Google in just 90 days or when ever…

If you which to find the ‘holy grail’ about dominating on Google then you should better leave this website and try your luck somewhere else. 

But if you’re interested in getting real results. And I not talking about the best click through rates and impressions. No, I talking about results regarding to more leads and sales that will pay back double, then you should move on on this website. 

We’ve worked with hundreds of customers in countless specific industries and niches, to rank them for the most valuable search phrases in their local market. And from working in these markets, with both small and medium-sized businesses, we’ve developed a totally new and unique strategy that consists of the smartest traffic-exploding secret you will ever hear.

And these go in opposition to the entirety you’ve ever been told by SEO agencies and so-called “gurus”.

So we know you might have tried to optimize your website to rank better on google. But it seems to impossible to reach a great ranking if you look al the competitors that seems to master it way better than you. So, rather than spend our time and resources trying to convince you we’re different from these others, that left you with more excuses then they did results…

Here's what you really get...

... unlock the key to never ending traffic!


the google domination secret

Be the fastest hunter in your savanna

Skyrocket your profits

We make you more money online

No excuses, just results

Get results that stand the test of time

Google Ads is your way to bigger sales

Grow you sales fast on consistency

We make PPC more profitable

Ads that are optimized for conversions not clicks

The strategist always kills the tactician

With this in mind, we don’t just rush into selecting keywords and blindly start implementing tactics. Every business and industry is different, so we approach every SEO campaign with a custom approach and follow these 3 steps to ensure we slaughter your competition, everytime.



With this in mind, we don’t just rush into selecting keywords and blindly start implementing tactics. Every business and industry is different, so we approach every SEO campaign with a custom approach and follow these 3 steps to ensure we slaughter your competition, everytime.



Based on our assessment, we carefully draft a strategy that exposes your competitors’ weaknesses and put a plan in place, to first – close the gap, and then crush the competition. This involves a variety of tactics – from obtaining their back link portfolio, to finding out their most profitable key phrases. We go the extra mile every time, as this is where 95% of other SEO agencies get it all wrong.



As they say, “vision without execution is hallucination?. So we waste no time in putting the wheels in motion and executing our groundbreaking SEO strategy. We put the man-hours in needed to get you phenomenal results. Our intuitive online reports gives you 24/7 access to the progress of your campaign.

how to open the floodgates to high quality traffic?

The Cheetah will not only help you get the best possible organic Google Ranking it will also help you to open the floodgates to more high quality traffic that you possible can handle. How? With PPC ads that really work!

sit down for a moemtent...

... we're going to send your heartbeat into overdrive...

Shall we bet?

No other agency will ever do this

Look, we could write endless lines about all the benefits of having your own fast hunting Google Cheetah in place and why it will have dramatic consequences if you would not work with us. But like you might recognised, we’re not that normal kind of digital marketing agency…

Now, come closer and listen, because we are about to make you an offer that will drive your pulse up…

Instead of talking about everything we think that might be interesting for you, we want to show you HOW we dramatically increase the results you’re about to have in your digital savanna with your new battle-tested Google strategy. 

Therefore we would invite you to a so called “Safari Roadmap Session” we we will give you a full blueprint of how to succeed with conversion focused website in your marketplace that will position you above the shoulders of your competitors. Right, normally we would charge $1,000 for this kind of advice, but we thought it would be a great idea to give aways a limited amount of this Sessions for FREE every month. 

Please not this is not a sales call. You’ll be speaking with one of our highly experienced Rangers who will come up with a plan tailored to your business to maximise your leads and sales. There’s no obligation for you to take up an of our services. 

But if you would like to let us help you to be the King of your business savanna, we’ll go even one step ahead. Meaning that we will put another $1,000 from our money (you pay $1,000 less for the same results) on the table to show you how much we predicate it that you’re joining the most exiting safari ever. (Can you imagine that our financial manager is not really happy about this?) 

So, here is what you get within the Safari Roadmap Session:

Your Free 30 minute safari


Value: $1,000

here's an outline what we will cover within the 30 Minute strategy session:

To tell you the truth...

what most ppc agencies won't tell you

Getting PPC to be profitable can be hard work if you don’t have the know-how or experience. If you have set up your campaign yourself, to dip your toe in the water and give Google AdWords a go, it’s likely you are bidding on irrelevant and costly keywords – that are simply burning your budget quicker than a crop fire! Or, if you have a PPC agency running it for you – it’s likely they are simply focusing on clicks and traffic,

however you can’t take those to the bank. Where we’re different is we focus on conversions and revenue. Our strategy is to create you a standalone, high-converting landing page to send your PPC traffic to. Using direct-response copywriting and design to ensure this hard working landing page is generating you as many leads and sales as possible.

safari stories

what clients say about us

Max Vollmer
CEO, Vollmer Real Estate

Since partnering with the BIG FIVE AGENCY we see a huge jump in new prospects for our properties. The new online hub allows us to speed up the process from listing a new property for sale until the finale sale. Sometimes it just takes a couple days to flip one of our properties. We really predicate it.

October 2020

Three of Five


Marinella Fortino
CEO, IMEX United

“The BIG FIVE AGENCY is amazing! I got a perfectly working online hub that helps me to present our business around the world and to acquire new clients. We started with nothing and got a full brand.  all handcrafted by theses guys. I really appreciate.”

May 2021

Two of Five


Erce Ünal

“We at BRANCONIC really participate from the knowledge of you guys. Since we are running multiple e.commerce consumer brands we definitely can say that the online hub pay off, faster than expected. Combined with the scaling system we see a constant grow in leads and sales.”

November 2020

Five of Five

recent savanna

what our rangers made so far...

Frequently asked questions

Finding a reliable SEO marketing agency can be tricky and for good reason.
SEO is an ever-evolving delicate process that can either make or break your business. When done with the right practices, SEO can drive waves of traffic to your business and help you convert browsing consumers into long life customers.

When done the wrong way however, your brand risks losing everything, and may even be black listed by sites like Google.

If you are looking for a reliable SEO firm, you have to do your research and pick a firm that has shown consistent results and proven practices.

Here at King Kong, we have earned the reputation of being one of the best SEO companies around and have a proven track record. We also use trusted and safe techniques that promise to deliver amazing results guaranteed.

Other SEO optimisation companies may be up to date with the latest trends, but what sets us apart is that we are always thinking forward toward the future and how we can keep ahead of the ever changing world of SEO marketing.
Our proprietary practices are unlike anything you have seen before and we know exactly what it takes to get your business ranking well on some of the top search engines, whether your brand is big or small.

This has earned us the reputation of being a premier search engine optimisation company, but don’t just take our word for it, schedule a consult today to see what we can do for you.

The cost of SEO can vary depending on a multitude of factors, including:

  • The current authority/power of the domain that is being worked on
  • The competitiveness of the niche it is in
  • The difficulty of the particular keywords that are being targeted
  • The rate at which the domain wishes to grow

Be wary of SEO agencies that advertise set price lists.

It is a huge red flag that they are pushing your business, your livelihood, into a one-size fits all box.

We don’t treat any business with a one-size fits all strategy. Rather, we custom curate a strategy for every business that we work with. The price we quote you will depend on the nuances and requirements of your business and niche.

Here at the BIG FIVE, we know more than anyone that not all backlinks are created equal. In layman’s terms, 1 kickass link will beat 1000 low or mid-quality links every time. So, while most agencies and “SEO experts” will sell a “# of backlinks per month” package, we sell actual results that are backed by contracted ranking guarantees.

That means we don’t play arbitrary numbers games with our clients and we don’t focus on metrics that don’t move the needle (“# of backlinks / month”). Rather, we use industry best-practices to consistently gain placements on the most authoritative online resources within your niche.

We create high-quality, shareable content and leverage the value of the content to gain placements on some of the most powerful websites on the internet. The sole purpose of our off-page strategy is to generate long-lasting, powerful results that turn your website into a money-printing machine.

P.S. We NEVER use PBNs.

Anyone who says “SEO doesn’t work”, or “SEO is dead”, is simply someone that has been burned by partnering with an agency/expert that doesn’t know what the hell they are doing.

We encounter this situation all the time:

A client comes to us after getting robbed (literally) by cookie cutter “specialists”.

The client signs up for a month-on-month rolling agreement and then they are the ones who actually get rolled, because the “expert” (that only knows how to log into WordPress and update a meta title) just takes their money for a few months, produces shitty results, and then walks away without repercussion after the client wakes up to their bullshit.

We work with advanced brands who have local, country-wide and global SEO campaigns. We rank our clients for the most competitive keywords in their industry time and time again, and our team of in-house SEO Specialists have decades of experience in ranking websites (we never outsource our SEO work).

We are technical SEO specialists, with the experience and know-how to rank on page one of Google. Don’t want to take our word for it? Check out our testimonials – we have more 5-star reviews than other “agencies” have clients….

Always to your landing page. Let us explain you why: 

Let’s say a customer clicks on your ad after searching Google for ‘gas fitting services in South Melbourne’. They didn’t search for your company; they’re just looking for a gas fitter and decided to click on your ad. Instead of taking the user to a landing page that’s kitted out with all the info they need to know about your gas fitting services, they end up on your homepage – a page that is littered with information and category listings that are linked to all the services you offer. They’re now looking at a page that talks about emergency plumbing and plumbing maintenance.

That user now has to figure out how to find out about your gas fitting services. That takes time. It takes effort. And it will most likely result in a bounce.

That’s simple. Just ask yourself: Why spend thousands of dollars and countless of hours finding out what might work when you can simply “copy & paste” what’s currently working? 

Now look, we’ve spend huge amounts on generating traffic in hundreds of different local industries and niches. 

And we’re able to generate millions of dollars for our clients in online sales. Even if they are selling physical products on their local market. 

Over the years we’ve run thousands of scientific experiments to really figure out what works and what doesn’t.

So, now it’s up to you: You could try and figure out on yourself. While pulling your hair out and dealing with the never ending shit storm of rising ad costs and poor conversions. 

Or you could simple get our entire system that we call “the digital Big Five Safari”. Whis is nothing less than our roadmap for success. 

Plus every tactic, hack, technique, unfair advantage… and everything that’s currently working right now in 2021.

We know what your local business needs and we’ll make sure that your online hub matches with all the other pillars of our BIG FIVE for local business growth.

It’s about you. If you would use your valuable time to try and setup a website that also have a freaking good conversion rate. Or let us do it where we know that you will have the best possible results.


We have turned small, family-owned ecommerce businesses (with big dreams) into multi-million dollar powerhouses with dozens of employees.

We also work with well-established national and global brands who are tired of dealing with an amateur “SEO Specialists”, and are looking for a professional SEO agency that knows what it takes to hit quarterly and annual growth targets, and cultivate profitable campaigns at a country-wide/international level.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy for SEO.

However, it is very likely that changes will have to be made to your website. “What changes?” you might ask. Well, that depends on your website and the CMS you’re using. Other factors that might trigger changes include site structure and coding.

Rest assured, the veteren team here at the BIG FIVE is extremely capable of working on your website.

We have worked on thousands of websites, built on everything from WordPress and Shopify to custom-coded CMS and hard-coded websites. We are not afraid to dive in, and work with our clients to achieve their goals so you’ll be with us every step of the way.

The honest answer is… we don’t know (yet) we need to speak with you to see. But if your business is anything like the thousands we’ve helped, then yes! Look, Google ads is the single fastest strategy to grow leads and sales FAST for your business. However, the biggest hurdle to overcome is to figure out a way to run Google ads profitably and beat the increasing competition online.

Maybe you have dipped your toe into the water and run Google ads yourself or you enlisted the amateur Google Ads & PPC Management Services in the past? Perhaps it never worked because you lacked the know-how and you ended up sparking your budget on fire by wasting money targeting irrelevant and costly keywords!

Don’t let that put you off. The BIG FIVE Rangers knows what it takes to make Google Ads work for your business.

We don’t just optimise your campaigns on clicks and impressions… you can’t take these metrics to the bank, we optimise based on ROI!

We don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to getting our clients the biggest ROI possible. We pair our Google ad campaigns with a high converting landing page or sales funnel to ensure you squeeze every last bit of profitability out of your campaign by ensuring we improve your conversion rate and skyrocket your profits.

When deciding if Google ads is the right channel for your business you need to ask yourself one question…

Are there enough people actively searching on Google for my product or service? You can do this by performing keyword research in Google ads using their free keyword research tool.

Google ads allow you to target wallet out ready- to-buy prospects that are in hunt mode for your product or service! If you are not running Google ads you are leaving money on the table – allowing your competitors to steal your market share.

The bottom line? Google ads is a great sales getting machine for e-commerce and service based businesses looking to get sales and customers fast!

Google ads is the single fastest way for getting new customers or sales for any business on planet earth. You can target prospects actively searching for a solution to their problem andking be laser targeted only showing ads to these wallet out ready-to-buy prospects.

Show your ads in the moments that matter whenever your prospects are searching for a solution to their problem or consuming content across Google, Youtube, Gmail and websites.

Unlike SEO which can take 12 months to see any traction, Google Ads can start delivering results for your business from day 1 allowing you to show ads above the organic search results for your industry key money terms.

Google advertising is the perfect sales getting machine with different campaign types to suit most businesses ranging from search campaigns, shopping, video and display.

The key here is the strategy our rangers deploys. We are a PPC advertising agency that using direct response copywriting and high converting landing pages, we will make these traffic channels work for your business day in and day out to help you aggressively scale and grow profitably.

There are a number of factors to consider when analysing the impact PPC and SEO have on each other, including:

  • PPC allows you to pinpoint exactly which keywords are driving sales and customers for your business and helps you tailor your SEO strategy to focus on these highly valuable phrases.
  • Using a combination of PPC and SEO allows you to demand more real estate in the SERP, which allows your business to command more attention and territory in search engines result pages than your competitors in the moments that matter. This ultimately maximises your chance of getting that precious click that could result in a sale or a new customer. Using a combination of PPC and SEO can double your CTR.
  • PPC allows you to collect valuable targeting information on your audience which you can use to refine your SEO campaigns.
  • Searchers who see your PPC ad may be more likely to also click on your organic search result.

Using PPC and SEO together can help you gain further insights and give you a competitive edge by helping to improve your SEO performance in the long run. Having a multichannel approach is key to beating the socks off your competition.

Now Ask yourself...

Why spend thousands of dollars in the never ending raising prices in google when there is a strategy that could sve you more money than wasting it?

enough, what we really want to say is, that you should click on that button!

If not now, then when?

Ready for a Safari Adventure?